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The Burghàlie Resort (TBR) stands as an annual fashion competition curated by The Burghàlie Academy of Visual Arts. Models engage in a series of challenges, vying for the coveted $5,000.00 cash prize. TBR has garnered acclaim for its exceptional platform fostering model growth and the valuable resources awarded to its triumphant participants. Eminent industry collaborations encompass renowned partners such as MAC Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell The School, and Aveda Art Institute, to name a few.
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The Burghàlie Resort is an annual fashion fundraiser competition presented by The Burghalie Academy of Visual Arts. The Burghàlie Academy of Visual Arts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that uses art and fashion as a healthy alternative for at-risk youth and young adults. We emphasize the prevention of homelessness, recidivism, and delinquency, as we aim to empower youth for healthy living as adults. 



  • Cash Prize: Models are vying for a substantial $5,000 cash reward. Additional prizes may be introduced as the competition date approaches.

  • Event Date: All activities will take place in one single day. The event is currently scheduled for April 6th, 2024. Models are expected to clear their schedules for the entire day of the competition. 

  • Diverse Challenges: Models will engage in a series of challenges designed to spotlight their skills, expertise, and creativity.

  • Platform for Exposure: The event serves as a significant platform for models to showcase their talents and gain valuable exposure within the industry.

  • Registration Fee: The registration fee for this competition is $100.00. Each registered model will receive a TBR model t-shirt, industry professional training, professional photos from each challenge, chance to compete for $5,000.00 Cash Prize.

  • Limited Registrations: To ensure a focused and high-quality competition, only a limited number of registrations will be accepted. Registration will promptly close upon reaching the maximum limit.

  • Notification for Success: Successfully registered models will receive prompt notifications and detailed information about the competition.

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